30 May 2014


I've been thinking a lot about rooting myself to a place. Maybe not rooting in the forever or even years kind of way but more so in the “be present where I am” way - the practice of feeling the vibrations and hearing the sounds of a place.

I am spending the summer in Evanston just north of Chicago. It has a small town feel with the perks of a city and the best perk, Lake Michigan. I went for a walk yesterday and realized I am only 4 blocks from the lake. I sat down at a bench at the edge of the lake to enjoy the view and started thinking again about rooting myself to a place. What is there to learn in a place? What kind of knowledge can be absorbed from a place, one place? I imagined all that layers that could be revealed – slowly with time – like a dear friend whose complexities are hesitant to emerge with only time bring clarity to the authentic  (ever evolving) face of their spirit.  How is the knowledge found in one place different that the collective knowledge from different places? What could be absorbed if I came to this bench often? I remind myself to worry less about the questions to ask and more about listening – with patience and intent.

What have you been thinking about? Do you have reoccurring thoughts?
 With much gratitude to you all.

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