11 May 2014


During a guided meditation I attended this weekend the leader was describing our bodies as orchestras. Every part of our body has a sound that together makes our music/song. We all have different sounds that are true to only us. To make our music we have to be aware of our bodies - to be healthy - to express ourselves. When our bodies aren't "in tune" the discord is offsetting - hindering to our journeys.

This "tuning" is a personal journey that we are all simultaneously working on, constantly. This is helpful to remember in that even when we are "in tune" and we share beautiful music with someone they might not be able to hear it from the discord of their orchestra being out of tune. This doesn't change our music.

I am so dependent on reactions or validations from others and this was a needed reminder. It also brings up the questions of what does being "in tune" mean to you? What does it feel like when are "in tune"? What can you do to keep yourself "in tune"?

Always grateful for moments that these.

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