15 May 2014

.beginner mind.

I sat with a zen meditation group. I almost didn't go. It was also a 15 minute drive across town in crazy (and I mean crazy) Memphis traffic. I wasn't familiar with the neighborhood. I'm always a little nervous to sit with a new group. So many reasons to not go but I decided to challenge myself. To make myself a little uncomfortable. 

I left the house a little late. Got stuck in traffic. Missed my exit. Got lost on the back roads of eastern Memphis. But somehow found it at 9:05 am. Totally late. I almost didn't go in (despite this whole process) because I thought it was rude to come in late. But I decided to challenge myself. 

At the end of the mediation one of the group members said he loved having new people join - to him it was a great reminder of a beginners mind.

Imagining that feeling of walking up to the door - not knowing what is behind it.

His words made me realized how my fear of beginning something limits me. To instead try to look at a beginning in it's true light of an authentic adventure - to see something with brand new eyes.

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