22 April 2014

.i am t h i r t y.

I turned 30.
So much emphasis is put on that number.
I put so much emphasis on that number.
That moment.
The definition of that moment.

I've had the most beautiful 20s
10 years of true adventure - living in Mexico, Ecuador, Malawi - traveling extensively through Chile and Argentina - reconnecting with my homeland of the Central Washington
Started a jewelry business that is still going and even more fulfilling than when I started
I have worked alongside many Midwives and caught 5 babies with my own two hands
I've cracked my heart a few times and but it wasn't until it shattered that I realized I've had a guarded heart -
I drove 2,000 miles to Texas only to leave 4 month later with a heavy heart - to say this doesn't feel right to a forever dream - to drive another 2,000 miles home to see the true beauty of this country.

If there's one lesson I've learned over and over it's the endings always bring healing - regrowth - vibrancy
a life well lived
I embark on the beginning of my 30s striving to worry less - have more fun - look back less often
a year of new adventures:

hula hooping
loom weaving
giving proper energy to my jewelry business
letting go of the shame
melting my anger with gratitude
taking care of myself
more dancing
more FUN
perfecting the perfect loaf of bread
consuming more fermented food
building my trust circle
legit bike touring
committing to my meditation practice
more vulnerability
and always choosing courage over comfort



lieslmade said...

What a beautiful post! Happy Birthday and all the best for your thirties. :)

alicia said...

thank you so much, liesl!!