15 November 2013

live your questions

I'm feeling a lot of discontentment (whatever that means) here and now. That uncomfortable feeling that always rises when you are outside of your comfortable norm. Asking myself is it the fact that I am outside of the comfort that finds me feeling this or the insight that here needs a change in direction? It's such a fine line that with emotions is so easily camouflaged.

A friend came over last night to give me a massage and do some energy work. I'm not really into energy work - I've never received it before so it sounds a little woo woo. But what I ended up feeling was these crazy vibrations in my head so strong it felt like a tibetan singing bowl was next to me. I shared this with her afterwards and she said my third eye is so strong right now - your third eye is your intiution. That things/message/awareness was going to be coming.

And after she left I began to think about the "silliness" of this discontentment. It is so REAL to me. Just as any thought feels real. Thoughts about things that I never saw - things that have only been experienced through the (misunderstood) words of others  - assessing them from one reality taken into my reality and produced a reaction. Feeling frustrated by a situation because of my enforcement of  silent expectations. We keeping moving one foot in front of the other and start by understanding that it's just that a foot in front of the other until it transitions from a single movement to a law - to the standard.

Is this discontentment not really of here and now but from the movement that I have turned into the laws of my life? If you take away the "truths" the "laws" from it what does it mean? How would your priorities change?

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