01 September 2013

.i have arrived.

We have arrived in El Paso. It was a full 6-day journey full of challenges and adventure. Before I even left town (minutes before actually) I found a nail in my tire. Then without realizing the amazing weight of all my belonging (i.e. use more gas) I was minutes away from running out of gas only to roll downhill into a Love's gas station.  I somehow managed to get lost in Boise (miracles do happen). And when I checked into our motel (while waiting for my sister to fly in) I went to our room to find the TV was on and black stilettos shoes (without an owner). It was a strange first day. The comedy of errors continued for the entire trip. It was a true transition. Showing me in every way that as I distanced myself from Washington I was nearing this new chapter of my life (and I needed to let go of everything)

To the life of a Midwife.
To the life of the unexpected. 
To the life of letting go and opening up.

We we able to visit many national parks during our trip south: Arches, Canyonlands, Mesa Verde, Carlsbad caves, and even passed by Guadalupe Mountains. The experiences were truly awe-inspiring. The massive nature of these formations/locations made me feel small/naive and yet inspired/alive. Teaching me that despite the challenges that presented during the day life is beautiful/fragile/breathing. 

Life is for the taking, but am I showing up? Am I living to my potential? Am I finding distractions to hold me back for an amazing life, the best life? Is the then defining my now?

It's time to jump. Leaping in faith of a dream/idea/passion. 

I taking a chance. 
I'm trying. 
I'm attempting. 
I'm investing. 
I'm gambling.

Love to you all and to your journey maybe you realized that you are deserving of all the beautiful/rich/pure/authentic things that come your way.

Every moment is new.

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