18 September 2013

.i am a midwife.

yesterday we attended the last birth talks for the graduating midwives. it was a beautiful sacred ceremony that fed me so many kernels of wisdoms from the midwives: 

- be kind to yourself. when you begin to neglect yourself you only know how to neglect others.
- there will be many long weary heavy emotional nights but always remember that the sun always rises.
- this contraction (event/moment/experience) will never happen again so cherish it/learn from it/let it go. breathe.
- each birth is powerful but not always beautiful - and no matter what it has something to teach you. listen.
- embrace it all. embrace the weariness. embrace the love. embrace the mystery. embrace the fear. embrace the emotions. embrace the wonder. embrace the challenge. embrace this moment.
- the role of a midwife is a dignified role. hold that. and realized that it is an honor to be welcomed to every birth we attend.
- make time for ritual in your life.
- build community here and foster your community at home. you have a lot of people supporting you being here. <3 font="">

So so many more truths. The ceremony filled my heart up - overflowing with fear and honor. I hope by writing these wisdoms down I will be able to come back to them throughout this coming year to refocus  when I lose sight.

my hands already have so much knowledge.
my hands will welcome babies into this world.
i am a midwife.

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