05 August 2013

.sunday night rides.

Today I am open to the presence of miracles.

(The Chopra Meditation Challenge starts today!) 

i went for a long ride sunday night (and thankfully got back before the flash flood warning went into affect)
i live in a beautiful place.

some days it feels like life is so heavy but today - yesterday there was a lightness in the air. 

the beauty of life broke through the clouds.
there is so much breath in this life. 
there is so much beauty in the details - in the encounters.
some times (i'm sad to say) it takes until the end of a transition for me to really step back and feel the beauty of it

to be grateful of the authentic people in my life.
to savor the fun found in being present - letting go.
to stay up way to late at a fiesta that costs more than my entire college education.

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