22 October 2012

.woolly mammoths.

I was born and raised in Central Washington something that seemed painful to me as a child - small town syndrome? I couldn't wait to run away - and run away I did. Sometimes I think I have to run to find the answers and there they are (most of the time) right in front of me. I've had a "plan" for years now returning from Malawi the "plan" doesn't seem to fit anymore.

I don't really believe in the system anymore. 

There is something shocking and isolating with that conclusion...then what do I do? How do I find purpose/worth? I'm not sure. So my Dad and I headed out of town for a short day drive around NCW and this is what we found:

There is beauty all around me, whether it is known or unknown, planned or unplanned, and I have all I need.

much love to you all.

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