18 October 2012

what will you become?

What will you become? I passed a girl in traffic last week her face was familiar - she went to my high school I couldn't tell you her name or any describing attributes but I reacted when I saw her driving a SUV with car seats and smoking a cigarette - what had she become? 

How can I have expectation for someone I didn't even know? Strange how I arrange it all - organize life until it makes "sense" but nonetheless it got me thinking...what did I become more so, what WILL I become? So much life - movement- choices - weather - loss - birth - hope - despair to hold us/drift us. How will you take care of your suitcase? Surely you have bricks in there - we all do. So what are you going to do? What are you going to become? A shaking question. 

I don't know. 

Then today I heard Michale Franti sing..."There’s just one thing that I got to say I won’t let another moment slip away" Sometimes I get so caught up in looking for the perfect house to buy I forget I can start building my own. 

Unfinished - unplanned - just right - with time.

bonaparte lake

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Finding my path said...

So true we judge others and judge ourselves more harshly. As you said we all have bricks it is just a matter of what are you gonna do hold on to those bricks or relase them because life is a journey and you are the creator. Love your post