18 July 2012

.to you, mama africa.

Mama Africa we only briefly met but our chance meeting was enough for me to feel it, feel you - the strong beautiful Goddess that you are – the rawness – the depth of your roots – the seasons of your body – the history of your ways – the truth in your simplicity.

Mama Africa you illuminate life in a way we have never known and we fall to your knees when it crashes upon us. But it’s too much too unknown so we try to “figure you out” and in that we have stripped you of the most beautiful lands, people, and spirit. But I know you are still here, true and authentic as ever before - because I saw you.

Mama Africa you captivate me like a strong wind. I’m not sure if I should be frightened or empowered by your strength of presence.

This week I felt it, the sense that I will someday return to you. Meet you again. To graciously give in return for all the power you have gifted me, but until then I will carry you with me - always.

Oh if we could all see your complicated and simple beauty and just let it be.
You, Mama Africa would shine like you were destined to.

In Reverence.

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