07 June 2012

.full moon.

"Don't give up hope. In these difficult times the sun still rises, there is light on the water, 
and the full moon shines, once a month, in the dark sky."
 Patricia Harman.

Last night the full moon was so bright beaming into my room. Life here feels so connected, seasonal, and authentic. I started thinking about all the things I was going to miss when I go/all the things I am grateful for. The sun rising to wake me in the mornings, the view of the valley, the electric sunsets, the climb up the hill, and the full moon that shines so bright once a month into my room keeping me company as I drift to sleep.

This past Saturday marked 6 months in Malawi and I felt it. It was like it clicked, the awkwardness, the unknown, the "time", the chaos...it seems smoother today, like I've let it go a little bit, like maybe it could all make sense, maybe I could fall in love, maybe I could put my heart into this, maybe I could get past the discomforts and enjoy the now
This week started with a visit to the Support Group herbal garden, which was amazing. In just one week they had planted all the seeds, finished the fence, and labelled the plants. I was so proud! We finished the meeting with a presentation on balanced diets.
Then Monday and Tuesday we had our first orientation/focus group meetings for Maternal Health Task Forces in the two Traditional Authorities! It was everything all at once. I'm not even sure how I felt about it all, but it wasn't about me . It started a conversation which was the point of it all and next week will begin the training for forming Safe Motherhood Community Groups. 
Mrs. Ntambo, the powerhouse behind the whole Maternal Health Taskforce! 
Wow. 6 months, but the moment arrived just in time for me to see it, feel it, understand it, and allow it to recharge me! 

Beauty is all around us. I hope you open your eyes and SEE it today.

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Cynthia said...

Such beautiful smiles on you two women. Doing good work! xxox