17 June 2012

.enjoy the process and let go of the results..

where we held the trainings. nsanama, malawi.

It’s been a beautiful journey this past week, feeling, reacting, and letting it go. We had 5 full days of training that covered everything from birth preparedness to family planning to how to conduct a home visit with Chiefs, Traditional Birth Attendants, Community Health Workers, and Religious Leaders. In a moment I could have said what a great gift to Machinga District this has been and in the next criticize it all, but if I’ve absorbed anything during these past almost 7 months it’s that everything has purpose. It’s just my narrow bias mind that sometimes has trouble finding it, but that’s because the purpose is far greater than I.   

Enjoy the process and let go of the results. 
Gertrude, the Safe Motherhood Coordinator teaching "Kangaroo Mother Care"
a method used for premature and low-birth weight babies.

Patricia, the Family Planning Coordinator
drawing  the female reproductive organs!!

Next week we will have a second and final training. It will be the conclusion of my grant, my “job description” but when I focus on the imperfections of the “results” I’m taking away all the power that I found in the process. A process that challenged me like never before, a journey that opened my eyes to a world outside of myself, and given me a taste what balance from an authentic life CAN feel like. So today and next week I am going to work on letting go of the results and give my energy in form a gratitude for the process. 

Highlights from training: 

My sweet sweet Azamba (Traditional Birth Attendant) that took me in,
and gave me sweet smiles, daily hugs, and fruit from her garden.
(p.s. I was sick this week and this picture shows it...)

*Learning that the Traditional Authority swears Coca-Cola is the “magic drug” for contractions. 

*Watching the look of amazement on the face of local Chiefs while the Family Planning coordinator drew a picture of the female reproductive organs.

*Having the Traditional Birth Attendants lead us in song and dance before every snack break.

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