15 April 2012


I've always loved yellow. It's so vibrant not matter the tint, it just grabs you. I first fell in love in middle school. So much so I actually spent my entire spring break of 6th grade painting my room buttercup yellow with help from Mama O'Dell (looking back, why would you offer YOUR spring break to that? Thanks Mama!). It has fluctuated through the years but as of late mustard yellow and a good golden rod really get me going. So when I found a huge spool of rope and a big bag of turmeric in Blantrye a few weekends ago I started thinking/dreaming of fiber art/natural dyes. I don't have any jewelry making supplies and my hands are begging for something to fiddle with, so weekend with no dancing allowed met idle hands. This is the photographic journey in 6 steps...

There will be more to come (sorry in advance...). I'm soaking another necklace in black tea right now and found this page with so many crazy dye ideas.

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