12 March 2012

.weekendy bwino.

How was your weekend? I (brace yourself!) had an action packed weekend in Machinga. Saturday morning I thought the sky was falling…or at least my ceiling was. Um…sitting reading my morning meditation book – concentrating – focusing – striving – to stay present ::crumbling::. Ignore the distractions. Wait something is actually falling. My ceiling!!  Seriously, my pioneer mansion has a metal roof (full of leaks) and then an inside sheetrock-esk ceiling layer. Between the heavy rains and the age of it (and a mystery cat trapped up there) it’s slowly been falling down section by section all week. I have yet to see or hear a cat but my gardener/watchman SWEARS to it. Hmm…All I care about is what will be left of my ceiling by next weekend?? The excitement continued when I was invited to a chibuku powered soccer match. We lost 2-4. But no worries the celebratory goat roast was still on! I’ll admit I skipped out on this to welcome my FIRST house guests for the weekend! Jessica, a fellow Response Volunteer living in the central region came down to visit with her friend along with the Liwonde crew. It was great! We ate homemade tortillas, guacamole, and beans on the front porch staying up until the wee hour 12am!! Sunday morning we enjoyed a lovely brunch of chai tea, rosemary flatbread, and an egg scramble before they set off.

I think the pioneer mansion is meant for entertaining. Who wants to come next???
1. The goalie with a snake crown?? In case you're wondering it wasn't a good luck charm.
2. Even Obama made it out for the game.
3. Where my ceiling USE to be.
4. Sir Osborne. <3

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