30 March 2012

hello friday.

Hello Friday. It’s so good to see you again. I’m glad you could make it. You did miss out on some stellar tortilla making the boys and I had with Thursday but just the same plans have been made and we have places to be!
I woke up to girltalk (it’s that kind of Friday), which will always reminds me of those breathtaking bus trips we took from Valpo to Santiago and then Santiago to Mendoza, which makes me miss my sister and our crazy travel adventures. Now I’m off to work, finalizing grant logistical stuff (yes, another page of signatures is required!!) then tonight there’s concert in Zomba with friends. Saturday I’m heading back to Machinga to catch the district assembly guys home soccer match (we haven’t won a match yet but it’s good bonding time?!?!). And Sunday…coffee and books.

What are your exciting weekend plans?


within 5 minutes of posting this everything mentioned above was cancelled (minus the coffee and books on sunday, of course...), welcome to malawi!

Left: Ossie on the hunt for the best guava
Right: Success. p.s. how can you not fall in love with that guy?

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