23 March 2012

.flower power friday.

 "We have never stayed "home" long enough to experience the truth about ourselves” 

Wow. To be honest it’s been a long, trying, tiresome, frustrating, motivation-fading week...I think it’s because I’ve been forced to hold the mirror and really look at myself. Experience myself in raw light – that can shatter the picture I’ve painted. To admit that ugly mean angry person was me. I was discouraged and talking with my Sister last night, sharing my feelings that (most days) my work doesn’t seem purposeful or fruitful. She said but you are working, finding out what you want, and in a way I think she was telling me “staying home”. These situations are distractions pulling outside of myself and losing my focus/concentration. I hope I can recharge this weekend and be more mindful of “staying home” next week.  

It's Friday! Despite of my grumblings my formal presentation meeting with the district hospital management team was yesterday and I received a unanimous YES on our project plan!!, I submitted my grant for the project, friends are en route to the pioneer mansion (can i hear an amen for a ladies weekend with an old college friend and a new friend), and plans are brewing (a brick oven maybe the newest addition to the pioneer mansion in the next coming weeks)...

Also, I finally made time yesterday to have my newest market find (yes, Mom I am still playing dress up and pretending like I was a child of the 60's!) tailored. wowza! These colors are energizing me today (even if it is a little ridic! ha).

What are your weekend plans?
Much love to you all always.

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Kgo said...

So lovely, Alicia. So YOU!