10 January 2012


Work recap:
Day one was spent in the office working on a work plan by myself while the others were in “important AND private” meeting. Umm…ok I’ll just be here waiting for a few hours or until someone gives me a ride home. BUT Peace Corps is working on my housing lease as we speak. Wahoo!! Maybe I will get my very own house?!?! Successful Monday!

Day two, my neighbor who drove me home last night said he would come find me sometime in the morning so I was all ready to go around 7:45 and sat on the front step reading anticipating his quick arrival…8:00 (normal work time, nothing)…this book is good…8:30..no signs of anyone should I call?? No, I don’t want to be the time crazy American…plus I’m almost done with this book…9:00..ok this is late I’ll text the guy…9:15…Oh! He’s already at work, took public transport but failed to notify me...

So what does a girl do after being stood up?? Do laundry (score! I don’t have to wait until the weekend!), make guacamole (because why wouldn’t you???), and then indulge in another cup of Thomas Hammer coffee, while eating guacamole on toast, and read a travel memoir about living in India and sympathizing with her stories of sweating, sweating, and more sweating!  Tuesday just got a whole lot better!! 

 Can you believe the size of that pit?? wowza. And now that I have a well-loved wooden counter top I too can pretend to be Heidi Swanson, swoon!!!

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