07 March 2008

I´m moving today

So recently I have been at a low, dealing with the struggle of being a woman in a machismo world and reevaluating why I am here. But having passed that low and rising up from it I am able to appreciate it. Have you experience this before? Emily Dickinson said "Success is counted sweetest by those who never succeed" I am not saying that I have never succeed, the exact opposite…I always have succeeded. Being a middle class college educated individual I have always been given opportunities to succeed. Born into a position not of wealth, but enough so that I never went to bed hungry, never thought twice about declaring at 9 years old that I would go to college, and always being a fighter of injustice never a victim. My point being after all of this rambling is that I think we all need to get knocked down in order to see the blessing we have right in front of us. I know it sounds cliche but after almost 9 months of living in "poverty" (I use quotations because although I live with poverty I am of it) I have struggled, fought, and been kicked down with everything from culture clashes, language barriers, gender conflicts, food issues, etc. to the point of almost coming home. But moving up I can now see the necessity of this experience and give gratitude to the journey because of what it has given me. The ability to see in a new way. To see the sweetness of life. The power a moment holds. The beauty of how we as humans connect to each other. And most of all the fragility of life.

Know how I appreciate each and everyone of you because you have brought something unique and valuable to my life. I wish you all the happiness, not in the "life is perfect" way but more so "life is amazingly imperfect and challenging" and if you aren't at a place to experience that, that you would tune into listen to yourself to know how to find that and you would allow yourself the courage to go for it.

Those are my thoughts today.

Much Love to you always.


p.s. I am moving today. Yeah!!

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