23 March 2008

3 masses in 3 days

Might sound like a religious marathon but it's just a normal Semana Santa (holy week) for a nun in-training, like me. Ha ha. Took a trip into Quito Thursday to see some friends and that night we went on the church walk to ring in Good Friday. There is a street in the old town sector of Quito that has 7 churches so Thursday night they held mass and then afterwards opened all the churches for people to visit (until midnight!). It was beautiful to walk through the dimly light churches and although overflowing with people, so serene and quite. And last night the Nuns invited me to mass in which we arrived at the church at 9pm only to wait an hour and a half for the Father to arrive (classic Ecuadorian time. Haha.) and after 8 baptisims following the mass I finally crawled into my bed at 12:45am. These Nuns are wilder than I thought. Happy Easter!!

How the time flies by…

Today marks the start of week three in my new homeland of Mindo, I just celebrated my 2 year anniversary of being a college grad, yesterday marked my 9th month in Ecuador, and I am less than a month away from my 24th birthday. Life is good.

Mindo, ahh I don't know how to capture such beauty and peace into an e-mail besides…come visit me!!

Falling asleep to the pitter patter of soothing rain fall and waking up to the sweet chirps of the birds, life is peaceful. Although it is a touristy place known for it's hikes, waterfalls, butterflies, orchids, and bird watching there is a constant flow of gringos but that hasn't take away from the true sweetness of the people. I have been greeted with great love from the four Nuns that run the school I will be working in. Sister Judith a 70-something 5' ft (wide as she is tall) nun has already adopted me as her own. I finally feel as though I am where I am supposed to be. This is where I am needed and appreciated. We will be busy preparing everything this week because classes start Tuesday, April 1st.

Well that is the short and sweet update for now.

Much Love to you always.


p.s. Here is a little video of Mindo.

Also, Francesca and I went to visit equator (after 9 months haha).

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