23 September 2007


Hello all. I hope all is well in the U.S. of A. Today marks the end of week 1 here in my home, Balzar. And overall I feel good. I am slowly getting adjusted to living in Ecuador and more so to the hot humidity of coastal life. I have to go pick up my family´s son in a few minutes so I will make it fast and give you a highs and lows of the past week.

Low places.
*We didn´t get water until Wednesday!! Which means someone wasn´t showering or able to flush the toilet. Sorry if that was way too much information.
*What I thought was a walk around town turned into a one hour Mormon choir practice. ekk.
*I received about 10 invites to go to Mormon church on Sunday but thankfully I was so tired "I slept in".
*We live next door to a bar of sort and two nights in a row I stayed up until 2am listening to them not so gracefully sing bad mariachi music.
*We had to got to the city hall yesterday to fight with the Mayor why weren´t they delivering water to our neighbor. And they basically told up that when a month has pass they will do something.
*Um...I don´t have an address because Balzar doesn´t receive mail, but we are in the process of buying a P.O. Box in Guayaquil.
*I also have about 1,000 mosquito bites. (I´m rounding a little. not much.) it hurts to walk!!

Higher grounds. Don´t let the lows fool you its good times most of the time here.
*We are electing the Balzar queen this week so every night they drive around town. Each candidate with about 10 cars following behind them overflowing with people. One even had here own marching band. who does that??
*I bought the cheesiest Mickey Mouse plastic/metal closet. I guess that is more of a low, but at least I don't have to live out of my suitcases.
* I got a cell phone!!!!!!!! And I never realized how amazing text messages were! If you want to call me, you call:011-593-9-969-4872. Or send me a text message. so cool. But sadly I can´t call the USA only receive calls.
*They sell coconut juice for 20 cents on ever corner. soo good.
*I found the cutest two bedroom apartment in town, but I can´t move in for 2 months. dang
*I won $3 playing BINGO Friday night.

That about sums up life down in the southern hemisphere.
Much love to you always.

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