22 February 2007

it's almost time...

Yes, I believe in miracles now that I have been medically cleared. After much delay, drama, and woman exams. ekk. I made it through. phew. Found the program and have been placed, but still don't know where. It seems like I have been waiting forever for this to happen and am so ready to begin the PC process!! I can't believe that the date will actually arrive (sometime June 2007) and I will leave to a (still unknown) country in Latin America (probably Ecuador). And the wonderful aspect of all of this is that the closer the date gets the more assured I am that this is what I am meant to do.

Oh the journeys of struggle and success that will come, but I've been hanging out long enough and am ready for a challenge. Ready to share my small amount of knowledge. Use my voice for the voiceless. Give love. And serve the deserving people of the world.

I will keep you fully updated on the fun to come.

mucho amor.

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