27 December 2017

.Christmas in Maine.

I spent Christmas in Southern Coastal Maine this year. We had a small snow storm on Friday and bigger one on Christmas morning making for a very white and wintry holiday. This holiday was a nice mix of old and new traditions. I made a sausage egg bake for Christmas morning which is a traditional breakfast in my family after I joined in on the 6th annual sunrise hike, a new tradition for me. It was white out conditions with crazy winds and a thick layer of ice under the new snow but the group still managed to have the yankee swap at the top of the mountain.

I thought of all the places I've celebrated Christmas - in Coastal Ecuador and Central Malawi as a Peace Corps volunteer, Western Texas with my sister after leaving Midwifery school and before road tripping north, in the city rush of Boston with friends and this year in a small town in Southern Maine. December looks and feels so different in each of these landscapes. This year in Maine I noticed how the winter light feels more golden yellow and softer in a way. It still feels strange to walk along the snowy frozen beach and salt marshes, having grown up in the arid high desert the beach will forever hold the energy of summer. I went for several walks the past few days taking in the fresh snow, the new textures of the winter ocean and fell in love with the mystery of the frozen salt marshes. I'm so grateful to know all these places and to bring old traditions + new experiences into them.

Where did you celebrate the holidays? Do you have holiday traditionsI hope you had a beautiful holiday!

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