17 September 2017

.chicago + the great lakes.

Chicago is a huge city filled with a beautiful a mixture of people and cultures. I always love Chicago and it's working class friendliness! I first went to Chicago three years ago to visit my sister and ended up taking some jewelry classes at the Evanston Art Center. This trip I was able to spend some time with my jewelry mentor, Nancy Sickbert-Wheeler, going to one of her classes at Evanston Art Center, and getting some help on a jewelry project. I also have a childhood friend in Chicago who recently bought a bungalow and is in the middle of redecorating and renovating the entire place by herself. Watching her progress this past year via instagram I was excited to see her work in person! It was beautiful, you can check out her instagram at @mychicagobungalow. It was a creative time for me and a reminder of all the connections that I hold dear.

My next stop was Ohio and Lake Erie, which was such a surprise! I found Ohio to be an amazingly friendly place - probably the friendliest place I've been to on this trip. Everyone waved to say hello, the grocery store clerk was giving me local trails advice and insisted on helping me load my two small bags of groceries in my car! ha! Then while on an evening walk I met a couple and ended up talking to them for 45 minutes about life and shared some camping adventure stories! Lake Erie was also gorgeous despite having some strange lake bugs, it was a beautiful large soft moving body of water. I wish I'd had another night!

Off to Upstate New York!


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