27 July 2017

I'm back in the log cabin for a few days, the one east off the highway tucked in between the aspen trees and foothills. It's so peaceful out here, I haven't been out for a few months and all the colors have changed. The green sagebrush hillsides are now a pastel rainbow of golden grasses, wilted sagebrush going to seed and orange-pink wildflowers. 

The summer sun is so hot and intense here. I was walking the dog down the road, lined with native grasses that hiss like hundreds of snakes in the breeze and rise up to my hip and some even over my head. It's 11 am and the paved road is already radiating heat, the grasshoppers are in plague-like bounty out here ricksahing off the pavement like popcorn kernels in a hot pan.

The land here continues to amaze me with its dramatic and quick changes, I'd love to see all the seasons here but as much as this place has helped me to realize how much I need open lands to ground myself and to make art I also need a community of people to share and rely on. A new adventure is coming and I'm ready to  see where it leads me!!

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