10 April 2017

.t h i r t y t h r e e.

I love the number 3, it's sacred.

10 years ago when I was 23, I made one of my craziest decisions and joined the Peace Corps - leaving everything I'd known to live in South America for 27 months.

3's are a good number for me.

This year with my 33rd birthday on the FULL MOON. The full moon is a time to release intentions - begin again. It feels like a great time RELEASE and FOCUS. I am a triple fire sign (sun - aries, rising - aries and moon - leo) and I love newness, adventure, impulse and that will always be me but I want to follow thru more. I want to make a focal point to make decisions from. I felt lost and confused a few months ago and decided that the answer was in choosing a health education job in a new place, but coming here it wasn't what I thought. This is a part of expectations versus reality of change, but it's deeper than that. It's as if I made a decision based on old wants - I forgot to calibrate my internal focal point before making the decision and post-decision I now realize the discord. It's time to calibrate. It's time to dream B I G and know that I deserve it all that goodness that comes with that. It's time to embrace the truth the when I live B I G people around me/people I love/people in my community live B I G too.

Last year, a dear friend gave me a blank manifesto booklet for my birthday. I've kept it blank for an entire year not knowing what to write. This seems like the perfect time to write a manifesto, my first manifesto.

33 things to do in my 33rd year, a manifesto

1. Sew a quilt.
2. Teach a jewelry class.
3. Bake more bread.
4. Share bread.
5. Go to Scotland
6. Write poems.
7. Cook food for people.
8. Visit Boston and the Cape.
9. Swim in the ocean.
10. Meditate daily.
11. Sleep 8 hours a night.
12. Go to art galleries.
13. Create wellness resource for self + others.
14. Make time to cook.
15. Eat fresh food.
16. Explore Sawtooth Mountains.
17. Soak in many hot springs.
18. Take responsibility.
19. Write more  postcards.
20. Take long walks.
21. Spend time near water.
22. Dance everyday.
23. Practice vulnerability. 
24. Do yoga.
25. Pay attention to the moon.
26. Make jewelry. 
27. Experiment more with metal.
28. Trust my intuition.
29. Build community.
30. Sunbathe.
31. Ride my bike
32. Take a class.
33. Be kind to myself. 

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Sandra Dunn said...

Happy 33 moon years Alicia! I also enjoy being an Aries. :) Your manifesto is magnificent and I hope you enjoy the BIG and little things in your new year to come.