08 March 2017

.happy international women's day.

I learned to make jewelry as a young teen at a bead shop in my hometown. The shop was owned by this vibrant woman who made gorgeous jewelry and traveled the world buying jewelry supplies and handmade goods! I always felt so much magic and freedom when I was in her shop which later absorbed into how I felt making jewelry! I went on to start my own jewelry business at 19, selling at the local farmer's market. I know without that experience as a young teen to have seen my own reflection in a vibrant, independent woman entrepreneur I couldn't of imagined starting my own business, that experience allowed me the freedom to believe it was possible for me. I'm celebrating all the amazing women in my life who have been role models and teachers for me to dream MORE and BIGGER! May we all have role models in which we can see our own reflection of possibilities and dreams!

HappyWomen's Day!

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