22 October 2016

.what is the Universe whispering to you.

My sister was telling me about an article today that was titled, what is the Universe whispering to you? Tonight I went on a walk into the trees as dusk was setting in. I started the walk quickly - moving forcefully as if trying to free myself from something. Then the question came back to me, what is the Universe whispering to you? I started to walk slower to listen to the soft stream below - the gentle chirps of distant birds and felt the awareness of the air getting damper and colder - the autumn night settle in and then I heard: 

Be true to myself
Root myself
Love myself fiercely
Live slower
More being less doing

I kept walking into the darkness and repeated what I had heard a few times. I started to see the truth and also the pattern that when I start to find myself uprooting I find myself reacting which leads to doing more than being which leads to being more uprooted. 

So grateful for those tiny whispers and the clarity that always comes from a walk in the forest.

What is the Universe whispering to you?