20 September 2016

.the colors of the prairie.

I'm back on the east coast for a few weeks before I head west again. My time in Chicago flew by - lost in the studio - in stillness. It wasn't the trip I thought it would be it allowed the slowness - space - silence that I needed for opening up for what will come next. One of my last days in Chicago I took a studio break and drove north to a prairie grove.

Lately, I have really wanted a house - a place of my own - a sanctuary. I want to stay in a place and learn all it's details and secrets. Despite my want it just isn't the time. I'm living out of my backpack and will be for a little while. I walked alone through the prairie grove in the buzzing chorus of crickets and the rustling grasses and realized what a honor it is to be there and see the colors of fall in the prairie. To have seen so many seasons in so many places. It's time to stop waiting or dreaming or yearning for something that isn't here. It's time to find gratitude in the stillness and truth of what I have right now. To accept it's enough and it's what I need.

Oh the beautiful colors of the prairie!!!

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