15 June 2016


I never know how long it's going to take an idea to germinate and bloom. Sometimes it's a flash moment and other times it's months of feeling somethings coming...this collection, connection has been slow to marinate inside of me - a process of so many layers of art and daily life and questions and not knowing and ignoring and holding and distancing - art is the greatest mirror in my life, the greatest teacher. I think I started with an idea before I returned from Portugal and held onto it so tight when I returned - trying to not feel the discomfort in a familiar place - to try and connect with myself - loosing myself in he motion of making one shape over and over and over again loosing myself in the repeated steps and also finding myself in the mediation of the process. I have to commit to making active decisions - I have to root inside of myself and commit to something even if it's the smallest thing, I have to say yes - THIS. I have to connect with myself. I have to face my fears. I have to find out what makes me open and stay in that space. The collection is moving now - in it's own time in it's sweet awareness and truth that a collection always brings me. So grateful for the steady journey of my art.

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