19 March 2016

.spring equinox.

Happy Spring Equinox! The moment with light balances the dark. A time to check on all those seeds (intentions) that we planted in the winter. 

Are they budding?
Are they being nourished?

It's a time to stop and honor the light and seasons. We are embarking on spring (despite the threat of a snow storm in Boston tomorrow) the light is returning to us, the days are growing longer and flowers are waking up - blooming. I love this transition, its reprieve from winter isolation to me - newness (birth). It's an important time for us to look inwards, remember all those seeds and s l o w down to ask ourselves "am I putting my energy in the direction I want to be headed?"

This week has been full of emotions for me! The transition of being back - processing the newness in an old space - the reconnecting - the expectations of connections that didn't happen - the isolation of city life...so many moments of realizing how much I give my energy to sources that drain me. So many moments of realizing that I actively search distractions in order to not look inwards. So many moments of not investing my energy in feeding/refueling things.

Why don't I choose myself? 
Why don't I invest in myself?

I still don't have a daily schedule here so I just started going to the studio to work everyday. The first day I didn't know what to do. The second day I kept melting everything. The third day I decided to focus on one thing, an old object. The fourth day I keep focusing and soon that one thing started blooming - opening - consuming my thoughts - growing into an idea/process/collection.


This project has evolved into a new AEO line, connection focusing on the process of examining one form from different perspectives while also processing these moments of connection in our life with places - things - people. The idea that everything is a string of tiny connecting moments - sometimes we have multiple connections to a place or person and something it's just a moment.

I'm feeling so new in this process of art. I'm so grateful to feel this new hunger and drive to dig into an idea/design with an open curious mind as more of an observer than I have been able to be before.

More to come.

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