04 March 2016

.just a little bit longer.

How do you process a transition? 

I'm back in the states and slowly waking up from my jet lag haze. It's only been two days but it still feels strange here. 

How do I (re)connect to this place? 

It feels like I've put on that dress that I use to wear all the time just doesn't fit anymore. 

How do you let go of the bluest sky pressed up against those white washed buildings, bike rides to praia da manta rota, afternoon espresso at that cafe on the winding pedestrian streets of Faro, mornings on the rooftop soaking up that hot mediterranean sun and all those "bom dia - boa tarde - bom noite" greetings with strangers and neighbors alike?

It's time to get to work - to get back into the studio - to design - let the images/smells/textures/feels unfold into metal but I just want to hold onto Portugal just a little bit longer. 

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