05 January 2016

.day one.

I arrived in Tavira yesterday afternoon and felt like I woke up in my teenage european fantasy! I have wanted to come to Europe forever - here I am, 31 and finally here!  This trip just seemed to fall into place for me and to be honest I really don't know what will come of it. I have some hopes and intentions for this time but who knows - I think this trip will be as mysterious and magical as it's arrival. No matter what evolves/appears/reveals from the next 8 weeks I am already grateful for it. 

For the chance to S L O W down - 
to realign my energies - 
to refocus my path/direction - 
to practice M O R E gratitude - 
to be more O P E N - 
to G I V E time to discovering the story of my art
to E M B R A C E impermanence
to R O O T deeper into myself

I'm excited to share this time/experience with you all. Thank you for all the love and support.

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