13 January 2016

.day 9.

I made it to Faro yesterday and met with the jewelry designer/future teacher yesterday. We had a great meeting...our only trouble was that he doesn't speak English and I don't speak Portuguese but thankfully we both speak Spanish! He told me that to come back today with some pieces so he could assess my skills and create a learning plan for me. I will be taking one-on-one classes with him 3-days a week. I'm thrilled!! He is the 4th Jeweler in his family and was the Director of a jewelry design school in Lisbon for 25 years. He is serious, passionate and experienced. He told today that he can't stand commercial jewelry or the way people just copy things off of the internet. Jewelry is a process. You can't just go to the studio and start making something, art doesn't happen by chance.You have to take time to understand a concept, design something, create a model of the design and then you make the final piece. He's strict and rooted into his views - he's just the teacher I need right now. I know he is going to really guide me into this new transition for myself and my art.

So grateful.
I hope you are finding teachers in your journey.


Sandra Dunn said...

You are fortunate to have a mentor/teacher with this philosophy.
Wish you holy inspiration (and perspiration). :)

alicia said...

Sandra, thank you thank you!!