10 January 2016

.day 6.

Do LESS with MORE intention. 

This is my lesson of the week! The signs (reminders) of this are everywhere in my new town. This has been a challenging transition, s l o w i n g down from Boston to this quiet/calm/chilled o u t little town. It's so beautiful and inspiring here I just feel ready to GO - DO - MAKE but that's not the pace of things here. I've been wondering what to do with my time - wondering what I should be doing - how much should I be doing because I really haven't done much in these first few days but u n w i n d - rest - sink into myself. I was sick for a few days and found myself forced to be alone in my house - feeling guilty at first that I wasn't out and about and then s l o w l y I started unwinding into the joy of being by myself. To be stuck in my head and to let go of time and expectations - it is liberating! I don't know the last time I was allowed that and whenever it was I was not in a place to appreciate the richness of it. 

I don't really get it here yet and I'm not even sure what I'm doing or what will come of this but I am finding so much beauty in all the little details, my daily exploratory walks always lead me to some magical discovery and I'm amazing by all the ways that this little mysterious place is meeting me just where I need, even in ways I didn't know I needed. This is where I am suppose to be right now and I'm grateful. 

Thanks for following along with me. 

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