25 December 2015

.f u l l moon in cancer.

“This Full Moon is in close proximity to the winter/summer solstice. Cancer takes you deep inside of Self. Cancer seeks to create a sense of home and family. The experience of nourishing bonds…”
“When you cultivate your inner life. Your Inner Being. Your soul light increases and radiates out to nurture others. This is real beauty. You ultimately realize that home is inside of you. It is the light of your own heart."

It was 63 degrees here today. It was like a spring day. I went for a long bike ride in a t-shirt!! Bike rides always help me clear my mind - ground myself. I realized I am ready to let go of a lot of things that I held onto in 2015 and to open myself up more - to love more - to be more vulnerable - to be true to myself - to align my energies with my purpose - to refocus my purpose. 

Did you feel this emotional full moon? What came up for you?

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