15 June 2015

.lake michigan.

My flight over Lake Michigan really memorized me this time, it's vastness and depth. I have been working on a new series of jewelry pieces for the past few months, slowly evolving and emerging from the experiences of my long cold isolating winter in Boston. The series is called "unveiling truths" and the pieces hold an ambiguity, they might feel unfinished or lacking - illustrating the process of how we find truths inside, sitting and waiting to be grasped. I really connected with these thoughts I have been forming and chewing on when I flew over Lake Michigan last week. The depth of the lake - this false sense of knowing something and as soon as I hold onto that I loose it only to then gain a new perspective (truth) of what it is (appears to be) - like the depth of the lake. As soon as I think I see the bottom I realize I am barely below the surface - such as our own knowledge of self (truths) as soon as we hold onto something it evaporates are we are left only with the truth of more questions - constantly unveiling themselves. 

I realize the only thing I can hold onto are the question marks. 

p.s. I'll be sharing pieces of the "unveiling truth" series soon. Stay tuned!! 

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