10 February 2015

.words to live by.

Winter is hard. Or rather this winter has been hard for me, challenging. Forcing me to sit with myself, breathe deep, share little tiny spaces with a lot of strangers, wait and wait and wait a little bit more for something to happen or to get somewhere, to expect the unexpected, to work extra hard with nothing in return, to ask the difficult questions and be ok with not having answers...and just when the day seems so long and I am ready to yell or run to hide in my room - I am given the most beautiful sunset. Calming me - reminding me that there is beauty/purpose in everything, I just have to allow myself to see it. 

I read this quote in a blog this morning and loved it. So much truth in it.

"Who you are is what has happened to you. Separate yourself from the learnt experiences of others. They are not you. Remember them, but remember also that the actions therein are those of another person who has experienced another life. They are not your actions. They are not your experiences. They are not your opinions, not your problems, not your anything. They are not yours. Separate yourself from what you have heard and been told and live in your now. Your now is where you are at this very moment. Your now is what is around you. Your now is how you feel when you close your eyes and breathe in slowly, and out slowly. Take control of your now. Be your now. Be you."

mexico rosel

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