18 November 2014

.new projects.

I can’t help but be a little on edge. 
There is no reason to be. Habits ingrained into me. 
Acknowledging these learned ways and deciding to unlearn them. 
Deciding to be patient with myself. 
Deciding to turn down the volume of their remarks. 
Deciding to be present in the moment. 
Deciding to be honest with myself. 
Deciding to speak my truths/wants/boundaries. 
Deciding to let go just a little bit of my expectations. 
Deciding to absorb the beautiful energy and see where it takes me. 
Deciding to explore this new place.



Photo: This is a weaving project I was working on last night. I found this beautiful oatmeal colored yarn at the goodwill last week and envisioned a weaving projects...here it is unfinished. I have always loved fibers but it seems to be growing in strength lately. I decided to just try something, making a weaving frame from an old photoframe. I think it might become an earring holder. We’ll see...

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