22 September 2014

.happy equinox.

Happy Autumn Equinox to you all! A time of transitions - a reminder to focus on finding balance in it all.

photo credit sergio laboriel
"May we embrace all the devastation and pain, as well as all the magic and the goodness that inherently exists. For as we know, it is through our opposite reflection that we learn, recognize and appreciate. Let us meet in the recognition that we are all of it, and may we move with grace into the new."      -mysticmama
I am finding so much to learn from this equinox - as I am finally for the first time in 9 months settling into a new job - a new space - a new environment with more longevity. I have been sleeping on couches - traveling - searching - exploring - realigning myself to find this place. A place where the doors continue to open and I am finding much fulfillment. I am so grateful for it all. I am so grateful for the amazing timing. I am so grateful for the abundance of it all. An abundance that I continue to be amazed by on a daily basis. YET, I am a nomad so I find amongst all this joy and abundance - in the overwhelming calm settling in on the now, a slight discomfort inside. A yearning to keep moving - stay busy - focus outwards instead of unwinding from the unknown and anxiety of the past few months. This equinox is a beautiful reminder to sit down. To sit with myself. To say this is everything I need in this very moment. 

I went to a yoga class after work today for the first time in a long time and felt my body slowly start to let go of holding on so tight. It is such a long road. A beautiful road. A road I don't really know how to travel but I am beginning. I am embracing the transition on placing roots in one place while I still find ways to appreciate and foster the wild nomad spirit I hold inside. Both parts make me ME and both parts need to be nurture in order to find my balance.

One way I am going to foster that adventure is through the journey of others...Peter Gorman, a Cambridge resident is setting off on the 29th on a solo 10,000 mile bike journey around the US. I have so much bike envy! You can follow his journey here.

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