08 September 2014


Someone asked me about living abroad and so I began to tell them what is was like in the only way I could - the honest beautiful unsettling roller coaster of emotions. I watched their facial expression rise and fall riding the words of my telling. Then they asked a question seeking a definite answer for something that holds a sea of answers and layers of variables. 

I've seen that look of disappointment so many times after sharing these experiences. We want something that fits in a tiny box - and we are hoping that it is something beautiful and uplifting...but life isn't that flat simple or bland. Life is comprised of endless complex layers that make it so vibrant. Sometimes this ambiguity makes my head spin and other times it overwhelms me with gratitude to hold awareness of the layers I can experience and knowledge that there are so many I can't. 

I hope you feel it all - challenge what is seen with the eyes - awareness of all that can't been seen. 

It's a beautiful day.

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Kevin K said...

This is so well-said. Really nice job!