19 August 2014

.new wears.

I have been so inspired to make lately. I committed myself to take three jewelry classes a week this summer. It was a demanding immersion that allowed me to return to that creative space I haven't been in for so long. To constantly be designing and creating. Siting in this space I began to look at the things I encountered as elements of designs - examining how they interact with other elements - how the degrees of light transition throughout the day - the beauty in the details.

I spent this past weekend in the studio - the entire weekend. Lost in the process of looking at a sheet of metal, sawing out a design, forging, texturing, firing, and sanding it into a finished piece. I am so excited about what came out of the weekend. I am editing pictures of them today and will share them with you soon. But I am just too excited so here is a little preview of the "versatile simplicity" look book (with my beautiful sister as the model).

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