16 July 2014

.fresh eyes.

How does our past and fear limit us? I find that I use my past and fear like a compass for the future. The past is just the past. It is no longer our reality and it will never be a reality again. What is it that makes us hold so tight to what once was? Is it a conditioning to think that if that is then it will be again. BUT we are changing with our environment in every moment. What is to come will never be what was. What can we do to remind ourselves of this? To remain open? That this moment always presents a new opportunity. Maybe it won't look like what we thought it would. It will most likely be nothing like we thought but that doesn't indicate anything other than our narrow expectations. 

To start each day with fresh eyes. How do you keep fresh eyes? What helps you to trust (be present)? To free yourself of expectations?

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