28 April 2014

.travel food.

Do you have a go-to for travel food? I tend to take long trips (long in mileage, slow in mileage or I rely on southwest airlines...enough said.) which can mean all day spent in the airport with no real food options. My Naturopath Doctor gave me a recipe for soaked nut bars last year for a good power snack. I love them! They are full of flavor and lots of good stuff like omega-3s, proteins, and healthy fats! Click on the link below for a version of the recipe,

almost makes me excited to sit in an airplane all day...almost.

Another great thing about this recipe is that you can totally switch things around like using different nuts (I used walnuts this time instead of Cashews), different seasoning (I LOVE cinnamon so I don't really change that but I did add dark chocolate chips! Highly recommend this!!), and dried fruit (I use dates because I love them but you can use dried cherries, cranberries, raisins, etc). I also added chia seeds as well. Maybe some toasted quinoa next time...so many options, seriously!

Once you try these you'll never buy a protein bar again!!

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