25 March 2014

.spring ridin.

Spring is here.
The sun is out.
Bianchi Blue and I are hitting the road, everyday.


It feels so good to be back riding. Are you enjoying spring riding? If not, here are some tips from Bike Shop Girl to get you out rollin!!

1.) Get your bike ready
This could be a full service tune up or simply pumping up the tires, lubing the chain and giving it a once over. Either way, get your bike ready for that next warm day!
2.) Get yourself ready
This weekend an action item on my to-do list is to sort out my bike clothing. This includes being ready for some not so perfect days, but knowing where my gloves, shoe covers and possibly rain jacket is. That way I’m not searching for my left glove 15 minutes before my group ride is supposed to leave!
3.) Short trips are better than no trips
If you need motivation, ride to the coffee shop or friends house. Your first rides back on the bike don’t need to be epic, they need to be easy and familiar.
4.) Motivate yourself
Maybe you need a new gadget for your bike, or maybe you need to outline your cycling goals. Either way, put a carrot in front of yourself and bring on the motivation!
5.) Do it
Seriously, just get on your bike. You’ll thank me later.
Happy riding to you!

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