07 November 2013


I've been thinking a lot lately about what I really want. Where do I find fulfillment? I'm a future thinker and with that comes the ever forward motion of looking for the "next best thing" it doesn't stem from discontentment but the excitement of possibilities - the challenge to engage. On the other hand it can make the present moment weaker or unacknowledged with always having your eyes looking at the horizon.

Over a year ago I sat down and made a laundry list of the dream situations that I have had running in my head:

-moving back to South America
-traveling through Argentina and Chile (again)
-going to baking school in Paris
-building a tiny home in the North Cascades
-adobe living in Santa Fe
-renting a funky warehouse studio in Brooklyn
-having a farm/farm-to-table cafe
-San Francisco anything...

In class a few days ago a sister student was presenting about self-care focus versus a community model - it brought up a lot of emotions for people but for me what was spoken so loud was the aspect (search) of community. We live in a new world - we don't stay in one place anymore. I have a global community. I have spent my 20s living in 4 different countries. Somedays I yearn for a "traditional" community - to be in the same physical space with my community. Or to progress beyond first layer of newness in a community.

As my focus directs more and more towards this idea I wonder how this is affecting my contentment with my current situation - my wants. I truly believe that we are a tribal people so is this in fact the source of our fulfillment that connection - community.

My peers and I have been told/taught/engrained that the answer of personal fulfillment lies behind the next corner - the next step - the new promotion...but when you do find something wonderful is it momentary and shallow without the community behind you or just not "it"?

Thoughts? Impressions?

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