05 September 2013


El Paso has some breathtaking street art. During our "living on the border" class we took a field trip to see Werc's mural which is located at one of the 4 bridge border crossings to Juarez. I will have to put up a full picture sometime, it shows a day from dawn to dusk and at the same time it is a reflection of life from Juarez to El Paso. It was powerful. 

Check out more Werc's art at his website.

Local fact: Do you see the star on the mountain side? That is the iconic symbol of El Paso. Juarez has a mirroring mountain range so they had painted a picture of Benito Juarez but it ended up looking like Homer Simpson (said local) so they changed it to say "La Bibla Es La Verdad - Leela" (the bible is the truth. read it!). Here is a picture of Juarez and you can barely see the writing.

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