22 September 2013

.ride yo bike.

it's 6:30 pm and the sun is still piercing. i love it. and what should you always do on a sunny day? get on your bike and explore your new (or old) city.

so i did.

and then i came home and took an ice cold shower. which oddly enough felt comforting. i think i like el paso because it reminds me of some place, a place. 
the many places i have called home.

with neighborhood grocery stores just around the corner. the "buenas tardes" exchanged between passing strangers. the plenitude of limes, chiles, mangos, and avocados. spanglish: the official language. the sweat. 

the unknown familiarity.

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Alita said...

I am a midwesterner through and through, but my father was born and raised in Mexico. So- Spanglish- is my official language at home where I am most at home. It is like comfort food.