11 July 2013

.reflections after a long day.

I wrote Rick Perry an angry e-mail this morning. I was mad. I am disgusted by the choices being made in Texas. I'm now wondering why I wrote the e-mail. I wrote the e-mail because I feel it's unfair for someone to push their ideas/choices/values on someone else. So I reacted and did the very same thing, I pushed back. 

It seems like in the States things are only increasing in tension. The temperature is rising and I'm wondering if there is going to be a breaking point. We can only yell so loud at each other. So why are we yelling? How do we step back from reacting into a place of compassion and understanding?

I was riding home from work yesterday and suddenly I heard honking and a vehicle was about 6 inches behind me. I was initially surprised. I couldn't understand what was going on for them to be so upset/in a hurry...then I realized it was ME! I was riding on the road and he didn't like it. The driver then aggressively passed me and the passenger said some choice words directed towards me. It seemed ridiculous. We then met up at the red light again and I passed them. I was mad. I called the non-emergency line to report aggressive driving.

Part of my job is working as a Care Coordinator working with families with medically fragile children. With working with the public/community you sometimes find that some people don't have the coping skills they needs/wear the outfit of a victim/choose to not make changes and with the children's best interest in mind you have to report neglect. I had to report yesterday.

Is this the answer though? Are e-mails, calls, and reports doing any good? Or just encouraging this system? Am I just pushing back?

2013 was predicted by some to be the beginning of a new dawn...it this it? Is this discomfort/violence/hatred the shifting of our paradigm?

It has to be. 

Rick Perry is not the issue, the aggressive driver doesn't have anything against me, and those parents aren't horrible people. These are just branches of a tree with extremely deep roots. 

We are a broken, lost, lonely, and isolated people. We have numbed ourselves to the degree that we are lost in our very own bodies. The time to slow down, listen, reconnect, and love YOURself is today.

Do you practice self care?
What do you do for YOURself?

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Unknown said...

participation is the purest form of advocacy. you're making life better for every other cyclist on the road today and tomorrow.

thanks, girl!