29 July 2013

.dubb's bucket theory.

a weekend adventure to the highlands of central washington.
a rhythm & blues festival filled with 60 year old harley riders.
a sweltering heat that made you incapable of anything more than sitting in the river all day.
a 3am wake up from someone who enjoyed the festival a little too much.
a full moon that illuminated the field so bright it felt like malawi night.

a perfect weekend.

first things first, Blue Star coffee. 
Second stop is ALWAYS Cinnamon Twisp Bakery and then to Glover Street Natural Foods. Best Cinnamon roll EVER. and Caitlyn found herself a REAL cowboy (pictured behind her). WIN WIN!! 
the stage with my boy, Doug Macleod.

Mason jar meals...do as Methow Valleyans do.

homemade peach moonshine.
post-river pre-lunch

are we still in Malawi. breakfast fire squat cookin' n all.

breakfast. scone courtesy of caitlyn,

the neighbors...harely-ville.
We finished off the weekend with a set from Doug "Dubb" Macleod. He has this theory he calls the "dubb bucket theory" which is best heard in his own words, Dubb's Bucket Theory. It's worth the watch.

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